Who is Reverend
Blue Jeans?
ministers to people in grief. After serving as a Lay Minister on the staff of a
large Midwestern congregation, he continued on a path of service to
grieving people that began over 18 years ago.
RBJ has a unique ability to communicate very delicate issues in a most
common sense and compassionate way.

Reverend Blue Jeans is here "to help you find your way" following the loss
of a loved one. His work is non-denominational and seeks to assist the
hurting in finding "their" way to healing. "My beliefs will not help you when
the bottom falls out of your life. What you believe, you will do." Each of us
must seek and find the truth that speaks to our heart.

Through seminars, retreats, tapes and CD, and through writing, RBJ
provides the hurting with choices and avenues for healing. One size does
not fit all--your size fits you. Each program is specifically designed and
tailored to meet the needs of hurting people.

RBJ has spoken from the pulpit of many churches, designed and
presented a 16-week course in grief and loss and facilitates an annual
retreat each fall at the beautiful St. Benedict Retreat Center in Eastern
Nebraska. He has also presented to many Compassionate Friends groups,
led training for Hospice caregivers and nursing home staffs, high school
assemblies and conducts funeral services for families with no religious
affiliation. He has produced a CD entitled YOU ARE NOT ALONE:
HEALING FROM LOSS. 750 copies were sent to the survivors of 9-11 in
both New York and Washington D.C.

"Hurting people need so little, but they need that little so much." It is the
goal of RBJ "to help you find your way back to some kind of normal life,
following the loss of love."
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