Like having a talk with a wise, caring, and compassionate friend, Rev. Blue Jeans
and hope. I cannot recommend him highly enough."
Rabbi Earl A. Grollman, DHL,DD
Author: Living When a Loved One Has Died

What a wonderful life-giving gift to the bereaved is Rev. Blue Jeans’ CD, “You Are
Not Alone!” It seems like every thought that fills an aching heart is addressed by
RBJ in a warm and sensitive, comforting way. The clear, upbeat message fills
hurting souls with hope and motivation, leading them to healing and living a
meaningful life again. So easy to listen to and so encouraging for the heart!

Elaine E. Stillwell, M.A., M.S.
The Compassionate Friends of Rockville Centre, NY
Bereavement Coordinator, Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY
Author: Sweet Memories, A Forever Angel, Stepping Stones for the Bereaved,
and Healing After Your Child’s Death

What makes someone "a good minister?" Whether the answer is compassion, a
sense of humor to help us laugh at ourselves, or the wisdom that brings a new
perspective, they are all found in Rev. BlueJeans' wonderful lectures and tapes. I
am very grateful for his gift of opening hearts and helping us to gently release
and move forward.

Mary Kay Mueller
Author of "Taking Care of Me: The Habits of Happiness"

Sometimes love and care walk in wearing frills and flowers and carrying candy
and hugs. Other times, love and care stride in wearing bluejeans and carrying
wisdom and support. We've known Jerry Kracl for years and his wisdom and
support and love are unequalled. You'll grow and learn and be the better for
knowing him. We're proud to recommend him to all.

Joy and Dr. Marvin Johnson
Centering Corporation

What a delight it is for me to work with RBJ--he's gentle, sensitive and wise -- he
provides a professional and spiritual patient support better than anyone I've
worked with in my 33 years of experience.

Anne Marie Aita
Hospice Chaplain and Grief Educator

I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for Reverend Blue Jeans. As a
bereaved mother, I had the privilege of hearing him speak to our Compassionate
Friends group on numerous occasions. He always speaks words of comfort and
reassurance, truly words that heal. Also, following the death of my husband, he
assisted my family and me in the difficult task of planning the funeral service. His
tenderness made this sad time bearable. Reverend Blue Jeans has a deeply
caring nature.

Marilyn Rathke
Columbus, Nebraska Compassionate Friends

Reverend Blue Jeans has a strong faith in God and is very spiritual. He does
God's work not only comforting those who have lost a loved one, but by being
there long after the funeral is over. It is in those months and years following the
loss that we need hope and encouragement. RBJ is there and takes the time to
drop a note, make a call or simply send some new information on coping with
grief. He is definitely the kind of person I want to walk with me and my family on
our journey through grief.

Mary Plettner
Norfolk, Nebraska